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The animal facilities solutions offered by Laborial includes a comprehensive range of products and services that meets the needs of different types of biotheriums.




Laborial’s technical team experience and knowledge allows a detailed analysis of needs and project requirements, transforming them into design parameters, resulting in maximum operational and regulatory efficiency.




The offer includes the different phases of conception, from design to empowerment, which may involve the definition of guidelines that specifies the functioning of spaces and the training and technical monitoring of technicians and heads of laboratories, to ensure its management and operation or accreditation of the biotherium.




The animal facilities project includes an integrated solution that fits the steps, elements and components in a custom solution that addresses the issues intrinsic to each project. Its development has integrated collaboration of various technical specialties - architecture, HVAC, fluid, electrical, thermal, acoustics, among others, rigorously fulfilling operating rules and specific technical legislation.




Inserted into the commercial network and group logistics, Laborial can respond effectively in the various regions of the world, reinforcing the overall scope of supply.




Technological and intelligent solutions that allow the optimization of processes and resources from monitoring and interactive control of the biotherium to solutions and integrated systems for laboratory animals surgery.

LaborialVET is a solution of Laborial group, developed in order to address a specific market segment, focusing on providing targeted solutions for animal facilities. This project results from the experience and knowledge acquired over the years, carried out by an experienced and specialized technical team at different levels of expertise, from design and implementation to monitoring and inspection work, as well as team empowerment, ensuring the accomplishment of such projects according to the most demanding international standards and norms.


LaborialVET’s proposal is therefore based on an integrated solution of specialized engineering, technical furniture and equipment installation and the development of intelligent technological products specifically for animal facilities, providing a significant optimization of processes and resources.



+ Bebévida

+ Biomérieux

+ Bouygues Construction

+ Centre Hospitalier Intercommunal Robert Ballanger

+ CHUV - Centre hospitalier universitaire vaudois

+ Clariant

+ EPFL - École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

+ Fugro

+ HUG - Hôpitaux Universitaires de Genève

+ Johnson & Johnson

+ Mane

+ Nestle

+ Roche

+ Porto de Leixões

+ Reckitt Benckiser

+ Siemens



Conception / Project

Specialized Engineering

Specific Construction

Specialized Technical Furniture

Specific Equipments



Comissioning / Accreditation

Training / Empowerment

Technical Assistance

1. Diagnosis


Analysis and identification of space requirements, anticipating the needs of users, directors and managers, integrating and connecting in advance all the different valences.

3. Specialized Engineering


Infrastructures developed to ensure an effective response to functional requirements and space standards regarding ventilation parameters, fluids and other technical networks.

4. Specific Construction


Selection of materials and finishings suitable to the safety and asspesis requirements of this kind of spaces that ensure a great performance and durability of different functional areas, in cases of new projects or the rehabilitation of existing ones.

5. Specialized technical furniture


Supply of robust, safe and long-lasting technical furniture, developed according to guidelines and standards. Integrated solutions with equipments to ensure an accurate asepsis requirement and the modularity of spaces.

6. Specific equipments


Supply and installation of special equipment according to customer needs and the facility requirements.

Careful selection that ensures the protection of sterile/contaminated areas.

7. Technological Solutions

2. Conception / Project


Conceptual definition of spaces ensuring proper definition of flows, procedure implementation and the welfare of animals. Integrated architecture and management designed and optimized to respond to the parameters established and required by the standards and legislation for the accreditation / certification process.

8. Comissioning / Accreditation


Systematic process, through procedures verification, validation and qualification routines of the facilities to ensure compliance with the regulations and requirements.

9. Training / Empowerment


Suitable training according to staff’s needs and facility management. Scaling of resources and support in laboratory procedures definition.

10. Technical



After-sales service provided by trained personnel, ensuring technical support to customer needs. Regular maintenance plans promoting facilities’ proper functioning and users’ safety.





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